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The CHEC pages are brought to you by the Engineering Communications Program, College of Engineering at Cornell University.  The content herein was created by its staff. Our goal is to serve the engineering/technical communication needs of the Cornell University community and beyond.

If you have questions about the Engineering Communication Requirement for the College of Engineering, begin here.

We have  more information and due dates regarding the CUP Awards.

Questions? Concerns? Requests? Communication?  Contact information is below.

  • For faculty/staff: Inquiries about course partnerships, workshops, or other support: checinfo@cornell.edu (checked once a day, M-F).
  • For all: Questions about general enrollment for ENGRC courses: checinfo@cornell.edu (checked once a day, M-F).
  • For students:  Questions about how to fulfill the Engineering Communication Requirement, start here.
  • For students: Questions about enrollment in a specific ENGRC course:
    • Navigate to Cornell Registrar
    • Choose Course Rosters
    • Search for “ENGRC” courses
    • Find the NetID for the instructor for your course
    • Email that instructor directly