Communicating and Teams

The Engineering Communication Program has created these resources for instructors, students, and student teams to create better workflow practices and team communication channels, along with specific help for writing, editing, and presenting work in teams. The core skill to teamwork is communication, and we hope these resources will help.

Faculty Resources

Student Resources

Student-Created Resources (using Slack in teams, using Discord for teams, other)

Communication and Teams: Cornell Engineering Communication Program Expertise

Resources will include these topics:

  • Team Charters (a.k.a Workflow documents or Team Contracts)
  • Creating teamwork structures that assure/encourage equal participation from all members
  • Planning for writing and presenting in teams
  • Editing/proofreading in teams (both documents and presentations)
  • Best practices for instructors for guiding students towards better teamwork
  • Tools for creating teams
  • Using unconventional teamwork tools, such as Discord, Slack, and others to further the technical endeavor
  • Resources for a deeper dive into engineering teams at the university level